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Friday, May 24th: 6:30a – 9:00p; Saturday, May 25th: 7:30a – 5:00p; Sunday, May 26th: 8:00a – 4:00p
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Let us help you reach your fitness goals and get more from every workout!

BRSC is proud to have some of the best, nationally-certified group fitness instructors in Northern Virginia.

Group Classes Personal Training


Strength training using ballet inspired moves, core work, and balance. Cardio intervals may be used. Props and various balls may be used


An aerobic workout utilizing primarily low impact moves

Cardio Dance

Easy, energetic choreographed routines, with dance and Zumba moves.

Chair Fit (Sit & Stand, Fit & Fun)

Full body workout, to include strength, cardio and stretch while sitting and standing using a chair

Gentle Flow Yoga

Incorporates both relaxing movements & muscle strengthening poses with a focus on balance & breath work

Hatha Yoga

Stress break for muscle tone, posture, flexibility and stress relief based on the ancient art of Hatha (physical) yoga. The classes provide a balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles

Mat Pilates

Core strengthening moves based on Joseph Pilates teachings; props may be used

Mindful Yoga Flow

Simple flowing Yoga sequences focusing on alignment, strength, balance & flexibilty, no experience necessary

Movement Fusion

A fusion of Barre, Pilates, and Yoga moves giving a full body workout

Pilates & Strength Fusion

A strength class combining Pilates for core work


A high-intensity, low-impact class using the step


Muscle conditioning class using various pieces of resistance equipment

Strength & Core

Muscle conditioning class with core work

Stretch 4 Strength

Movements to stretch and strengthen muscles

TGIF Stretch & Relax

Your end of the week de-stress stretch class

Yoga Flow

A challenging continuous flow of yoga postures; bringing breath, balance, strength and flexibility together


A dance-based class with high-energy moves

Zumba Toning

Light-weight sculpting and cardio dance all in one

A Program Designed Especially for You!

BRSC has nationally-certified personal trainers and post-rehab conditioning specialists on staff to help you accomplish your fitness and health goals. They will design a program to fit your specific needs.

Personal Training Sessions (click for brochure)

  • A complete fitness evaluation and body composition analysis
  • Efficient, personalized exercise programs
  • Realistic, measurable fitness goals
  • Fitness education
  • Conditioning sessions for strength, flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, joint stability, coordination and balance
  • Individual or group sessions two or three times per week…once a week…or once a month!
Type Member Non-Member
Individual session $75/hr, $45/half hr $85/hr, $55/half hr
*Package of 5 sessions $360 $410
*Package of 10 sessions $700 $800
*Package sessions must be paid in advance and are good for one year from date of purchase.

Personal Consultation

A fitness consultation consists of an evaluation of your resting heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and more.

Member Non-Member
$130/1.5hr $150/1.5hr

Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning

Post-rehabilitation conditioning provides an exercise program for clients who have musculoskeletal neurologic, and cardiovascular disorders. Have you been in physical therapy for treatment of an injury and are still recovering? Our expert on staff can customize an exercise program to address these specific concerns to help you increase your level of functional conditioning. Post-rehab protocols are developed by physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons to provide safe and effective fitness programming for our clients. All of our conditioning sessions are supervised one-on-one by post-rehab conditioning specialists.

Session Rate

Body Fat Testing (using skin fold caliper)


Pink Ribbon Post-Operative Program (click for brochure)

Our Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist Lynnda Gendron is qualified to assess, design, and implement individual and group exercise and fitness programs for those who want to regain strength and fitness after completing breast cancer surgeries and treatments.


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